Stars Over Iowa City: March 2010

For Everyone ~ Increasing momentum. We all know things are changing. So far, the changes have been comparatively slow to take effect. We have been able to keep track and adjust smoothly, more or less. As of now, the pace of change will increase. We’ll have to change more things more quickly. A lot of it will be out of our hands. In many cases, our personal life will just have to give way. Old relationships could become more intense as we, and those close to us, make adjustments, and allowances for each other. […]

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Astrology Forecast for December 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ Clash of visions. This month, again, pits our visions of the future against sometimes harsh realities. The situation is one of extreme flux and it seems very hard to predict, let alone control. Yet there is also a lot of flexibility in the situation. The outcome really will depend a lot on […]

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Health: On the Run

I have lived in Iowa City for three years now. Each end of April brings the River Run 5K. This is the third year that I have sworn that I would do it. But unlike those other two years, this year I’m actually doing it. I have goals, a plan, and this is the year […]

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