LV Recommends: Dine using your horoscope as a guide

Jupiter will be in its home sign of Sagittarius from November of 2018 to December of 2019. These 13 months are all about growth, new beginnings and transformation. Allow the impulsive, fun-loving energy of Sagittarius to inspire your local dining choices this year, with these up-and-coming restaurant recommendations for each sign.

Aries: NaRa Thai Cuisine, 1725 Blairs Ferry Rd, Ste 102, Marion This year, the stars want you to expand your horizons, Aries! With Jupiter in your ninth house of expansion, it’s a perfect time to finally expand your palate! This year is also a great time for you to travel, so be sure to try the authentic local cuisine while you’re there. If you can’t book a trip to Thailand on such short notice, try out NaRa Thai Cuisine in Marion, Iowa. The dishes are inspired by the chef’s childhood, making it the perfect place for an Aries to spice up their sustenance!

Taurus: Melk, 116 E Washington St, Iowa City Oh Taurus, I know how you love to indulge in luxury—but I recommend reeling those instincts in during 2019. Venus and Jupiter are both spending time in your eighth house of intimacy and relationships. This means you’ll experience greater closeness with loved ones, as well as strong urges to spend money. Try investing in more humble luxuries—like the splendid cereal bar at Melk! This diner-slash-cereal bar is in downtown Iowa City and it’s sure to be a go-to spot for students and locals alike. Come by for a quick bowl of cereal and enjoy the chill atmosphere, Taurus.

Gemini: Goosetown Café, 203 N Linn St, Iowa City Oh Gemini, my lovely air sign—get ready for a year of forming exciting new connections. This coming year is likely to be a social one for you, as well as one for focusing on your own health and wellness. Try out Goosetown Café. It has plenty of options ranging from fried egg sliders to duck pot pie and with its brunches, family-style dinners, and cocktail soirees—it’s the perfect place to socialize with all those new friends you’ll be making in 2019.

Cancer: Wild Culture Kombucha, 210 N Linn St, Iowa City Cancers, it’s likely you’ve had way too much on your plate these past few months. In 2019, its time to stop overloading yourself with tasks and responsibilities. Focus on keeping yourself grounded, centered and healthy by visiting Iowa City’s local kombucha taproom, Wild Culture Kombucha! Nothing says wellness and self-care quite like fermented tea chock full of probiotic cultures. Their taproom is the perfect place to wind down and focus on the body—be sure to give the seasonal flavors a try.

Leo: Bourbon Creek Smokehouse, 411 1st Street SE, Cedar Rapids This year should be full of romance and creativity, Leo. Your fire energy pairs well with Sagittarius, making you ready to break out of old habits and create new routines in order to reach your goals. While we’re talking about fire, look to Bourbon Creek Smokehouse for some inspiration about smokin’ hot fresh takes. They’ve got all the classics served fresh and in their own unique style, not to mention their wide selection of bourbons to pair with your smoked pork ribs. Treat yourself to a romantic night out, Leo, you know you deserve it.

Virgo: Bo Mac’s, 219 16th Ave SE Cedar Rapids Virgo, you and I both know how badly you need to take some time for yourself. For these 13 months of Jupiter in Sagittarius, do your best to prioritize your own happiness and comfort. Bo Mac’s makes you feel right at home with live music, an intimate setting and comfort food. The 120-year-old building has undergone extensive renovations to get where it is today (I know how you love projects) so savor that burger and cold beer while you appreciate the fruits of your and Bo Mac’s labor.

Libra: One More Bite, 1100 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids These next few months are a prime time for you to start big projects, Libra. Jupiter will be direct in your third house of communication. This means you have all the tools to be the articulate and attentive justice-seeker you are. While you are focusing on plans and connection—simplify your lunch breaks by visiting One More Bite in the NewBo City Market. This, too, started out as a passion project for the dynamic husband-wife duo that run it, and now serves delicious sandwiches, wraps and fries from their booth and food truck.

Scorpio: Dash Coffee Roasters, 120 3rd Ave SW Ste 2, Cedar Rapids | 287 N Linn St, Iowa City (coming soon) After spending last year in your sign, Scorpio, Jupiter has learned a lot about appreciating strong friendships and the growing pains of transformation. Now, it’s time to focus on feelings of gratitude, integrity and courage as you face this new transit. Joyful success could easily be yours as long as you remain focused and what better way to get in the zone than their signature “sassy” latte from Dash Coffee Roasters? They believe that good enough is never good enough, and their drive to be better is exactly the energy you need to start each day of this coming year.

Sagittarius: Local Pour Street Food, 302 3rd Ave SW, Cedar Rapids This ought to be an amazing several months for you, my Sag friend. Jupiter is in your first house meaning that everything about you can grow and move forward. Focus on how you can be as authentically you as possible, remain optimistic about the future, and you will surely reap the karmic rewards. For this exciting and uplifting time in your life, I recommend checking out Local Pour Street Food. Here you can get authentic international street food such as gyros, ramen, and poutine.

Capricorn: La Regia Taqueria, 436 Highway 1 W, Iowa City Breathe the bad vibes out and let the good energy in, Capricorn. The stars say you will finally feel the closure you have been looking for, as long as you take baby steps and remain patient with yourself. You have worked tirelessly to become who you are, just like La Regia Taqueria has spent years transforming from food truck to full-service restaurant. They may not be an up-and-coming restaurant, but their recent renovations make them a great match for you. The energy here is perfect for Capricorns who know more than their fair share about hard work.


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Aquarius: Paradise Bar and Grill, 5200 Fountains Dr NE, Ste 100, Cedar Rapids Good news, Aquarius, this transit will be a great influence on your social life for the next year! Your ability to connect and build community is heightened with Jupiter in your eleventh house. Additionally, your goals and aspirations are being influenced favorably, so get to work on those dreams! If you find yourself looking for a nice place to have a dinner party, check out Paradise Bar and Grill! They boast an innovative blend of traditional and fusion Indian dishes and have several vegetarian options.

Pisces: The Dandy Lion, 111 S Dubuque St., Iowa City At long last, Pisces, you are finally getting the recognition you deserve. With Jupiter in your tenth house (career and responsibilities live here) you’ll notice this especially in professional spheres. Keep your intentions optimistic and don’t be afraid to collaborate when strategizing for success. Consider taking your colleagues to The Dandy Lion for lunch to celebrate your next big win, or visit this quaint luncheonette for a filling breakfast that’ll start your day right every time.

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