LV Recommends: Bar’ber Shop

If I hadn’t looked at the reviews online, I would have flown right by it. “Bar’ber Shop? I searched restaurants!”

But upon more investigation, it appeared this place (located at 218 1st Ave. in Coralville) wasn’t serving up a shave and a haircut, but meals made from locally sourced foods at an affordable price.

So, we went. And, I’ve been back. And I’m looking forward to my next chance to go.

The menus are short and might take a bit of explanation from the friendly staff, but pretty much everything I’ve tried has been excellent — foods chosen for comfort, but very refined in taste. Their entire menu is à la carte, so don’t expect fries with your burger unless you order them. By the way, the fries are pretty dang delish, and they come with a spicy aoli: a simple, yet crazy tasty, extra.

Bar'ber shop
Bar’ber Shop is located at located at 218 1st Ave. in Coralville. — photo by Adam Burke

The breakfast isn’t unusual, but everything is made incredibly well. We tried the biscuits and gravy and a pretty normal eggs/toast/sausage combination, all fantastic. A superstar on the breakfast menu is the veggie hash. Potatoes, root veggies and sliced Brussles sprouts (who slices Brussles sprouts? That’s patience) served up perfectly cooked with golden edges all around: drool worthy.

For lunch, again, the menu may not seem very surprising, but the devil is in the delicious details. I always get their soup, whatever it may be that day. The surprising taste combinations reflect what’s seasonal, and it’s always hearty—the kind of soup that just feels good on the way down.

I’ve enjoyed their veggie burger, kaleslaw and Thai noodles, and I’m hoping to get back there soon to try a few more items I’ve seen raves about: their cowandpig burger and the onion rings are particularly in my sights. Bar’ber Shop also offers a wonderful array of beers, many local.

This hip little tucked-away gem is casual and welcoming in ambiance and the food is packed with flavor. I’m looking forward to my next trip there so I can pack that flavor right into my face.

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