Little Village — Rec’d 2023

Rec’d 2023
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Stretch first, then jump into Rec’d, Little Village’s 2023 recreation guide!
Pickleball is all the rage with all ages, and LGBTQ Iowans have gravitated towards the inclusive sport. Meanwhile, Iowa’s longstanding tennis and table tennis leagues aren’t afraid to rethink (some of) the rules, and Adaptive Sports Iowa makes dozens of summer and winter sports accessible to all. Also in this issue, LV explores how Des Moines ended up with the nation’s largest skatepark, and how skaters — from toddlers to X Gamers — are making the most of it. You’ll meet athletes excelling in specialty competitions, including a Sioux City powerlifter, Waverly archer and Indianola ballooners. One of Iowa’s top fencing coaches breaks down the combat sport, while Belegarth players describe the art of combat roleplay.

Hikers have plenty to discover in the Hawkeye State, from 350 million-year-old fossils in Coralville to Iowa’s oldest state park in Dundee, to four historic sites that were once “stations” on the Underground Railroad. Iowa has the most heavily altered landscape of any state, and wildlife rescue experts like Tracy Belle, Sonja Hadenfeld and Kay Neumann fight the side effects of this everyday. Plus: Tips for a more natural lawn, emotional support horses, sporting gear stores and a Iowa Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame-themed word search!