Op-ed: Building local progressive networks in the wake of Election Day 2016

By Damita Brown Some of us would like to pretend that business as usual will suffice — that the unfortunate outcomes of Tuesday’s election have no bearing on how we go about the unending progressive movement for inclusion, equity, peace and justice in this county. Others are quite clear that it is more important than […]

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Letter to the Editor: Processing Election Day 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] By Karen Nichols As I sit here, a few days into our electoral apocalypse, I am struggling with what to say. I, like many of you, am awash in worry, anger, fear and an almost overwhelming sadness. I wish I had a set of ready-made answers for how to counter the coming onslaught of […]

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Letter to the Editor: Measure C hopes to change the game of Codes & Charters

By Aleksey Gurtovoy What if it was much easier for us to change the Constitution than to change the laws that have to follow it? A lot of people consider this to be a silly question: It’s pretty obvious that such a hypothetical arrangement would put things awfully out of balance. Yet that’s precisely the […]

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Letter to the Editor: Treating addiction as a healthcare issue, not a crime


By Cameron Foreman, Petra Hahn & Sarah Ziegenhorn Our state, like many others, is suffering an opioid epidemic. Too many Iowans, of all walks of life, start with an injury, proceed with a visit to the doctor and end with an opioid addiction. In fact, one in five people is at risk for developing an […]

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Opinion: Dakota Access Bakken Oil Pipeline Nearing Finish Line in Iowa

Bakken Pipeline, Zak Neumann

By David Goodner Construction of the Dakota Access Bakken oil pipeline along the Iowa portion of the route is nearing completion, according to a statewide construction report from Dakota Access filed with the Iowa Utilities Board late Wednesday. The embattled $3.8 billion infrastructure project would move hydro-fracked crude oil from the Bakken oil fields of […]

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Letter to the Editor: Working toward Indigenous Peoples’ Day during this Season of Resistance

Food for Thought Conference

By Christine Nobiss A few days ago I had a conversation with my son’s first grade teacher. I’ve had this same conversation every year for five years now — through daycare, preschool and, now, elementary school, all here in Iowa City. This conversation, usually held in September, is my attempt to shelter him from settler […]

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Letter to the Editor: It takes a village to raise a flood wall

By Erin Tiesman On the dawn of Cedar Rapids’ second-highest flood, the citizens of a community united to fight rising waters. Studies show social media use can really bum us out. It increases our insecurity, our envy and sometimes our temper. But social media’s true purpose and strength shone brightly this weekend for the people […]

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Letter to the Editor: Bridging the gap between the Iowa City community and University of Iowa students

By Veronica Tessler Like many Iowa City locals, I joined in our collective sigh of relief when the bulk of UI’s students left for the summer more than three months ago. I relished the abundant parking spots downtown and weekend nights on the Ped Mall without getting mauled by drunkards or witnessing the drunk leading […]

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Letter to the Editor: Let’s end the ‘tragic ritual’ of gun violence

By Oliver Hidalgo-Wohlleben I used to love to read the news. Growing up in Iowa with an international family instilled a sense of curiosity about the world outside of the Midwest. My dad would get the New York Times on Sundays and I would read it from front to back, even glancing at ads for […]

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Letter to the Editor: JP Claussen for school board


By Christine Grant, Coralville JP Claussen and I served together on the Advisory Committee for the Rape Victim Advocacy (RVAP) for several years and it was through this committee that I came to know and admire him greatly. What impressed me most was his real commitment to helping reduce violence against women and men in […]

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Letter to the Editor: Vote Claussen for Iowa City School Board

by Mary Roberts and Jan Martins We are proudly supporting J.P. Claussen’s candidacy for the ICCSD School Board. J.P.’s involvement in the school district, as both a parent and an educator, has been extensive and multifaceted. The importance of having the voice of a seasoned educator on the board cannot be overstated. In addition, as […]

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Letter to the Editor: Vote Roesler for ICCSD School Board

by Mitch Meis, Iowa City On Tuesday, July 19 the voters in the Iowa City Community School District will fill the School Board seat vacated by Tom Yates. This election provides an opportunity for voters to determine what ideals they value and the importance they place on all students in this district attending secondary schools […]

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