Letter to the editor: Grassley lacks the judgment we need

Sen. Chuck Grassley urges voters to help him “fight the reckless Biden agenda” in an Aug. 31, 2022 campaign video. — video still

By Dave Bradley, West Liberty

This election, Chuck Grassley seems much more interested in fooling some of the people all the time, or at least enough Iowans to get him elected.

Grassley’s newest lie is that IRS agents armed with AR-15s will be coming after taxpayers. This whopper came shortly after his lie about voting to reduce the price of insulin just after he voted AGAINST reducing the price of insulin.

He stands against student loan forgiveness for the middle class despite taking thousands in taxpayer-funded farm subsidies, and voting for $1.3 trillion in President Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy paid for by the middle class.

His continuing support of Trump is baffling in light of Trump’s purposeful mishandling of top-secret documents.

Recently Grassley voted against the CHIPs Act that brings back to the U.S. the American jobs he sent to China a decade ago. Controlling our ability to get microprocessors helps smooth the supply chain.

Grassley announced he would vote against the Veteran’s Health Act and would have done so had he not been called out.

Grassley proudly takes credit for swinging the Supreme Court to ultra-right conservative justices that reversed Roe v. Wade.

Adding lies to his repertoire at this time makes Grassley look like a fool and should make all Iowans question his future judgment on issues that affect our lives.

Conversely, Admiral Michael Franken had a sterling military career where his ability to make crucial judgments was integral to our nation’s defense. We need that judgment in Washington today.