UR Here: Small Towns, Big Loss

In my last column, I presented some statistics demonstrating that the majority of Iowans are “urban” by U.S. Census standards and have been since 1950. With fewer farmers, the raison d’être of most small communities in Iowa—servicing the region’s agricultural economy—has disappeared. If the economic foundation of a town disappears, what’s the big deal? Close […]

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Oasis Falafel's 5 Year Anniversary on LV Radio.

Naftaly Stramer and Ofer Sivan, co-owners of Oasis Falafel, visit the studio to talk hummus hummus hummus… oh, and giving away 500 free sandwiches through their 5th anniversary blood drive with the UIHC.
[Audio clip: view full post to listen]
Little Village Radio 9/30/09 […] […]

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Roosevelt Part 3: The Shuttering

Despite months of public protest, the Iowa City School Board voted unanimously during their June 9 meeting to close Roosevelt Elementary and build a new school on the west edge of town. But many in the community never accepted the administration’s premise, much less conclusion, if that meant ignoring the “how” and “why” questions behind […]

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