By ‘poking’ cells, a University of Iowa lab studies the science of healing

If you ever get the chance to watch life under a microscope, seize the opportunity. In many ways, microscale life mimics the movies — there are thrilling chases as immune cells hunt down bacterial invaders, a feeling of tragedy as a sick cell bursts and budding romances between cells that crumble in dramatic divorce. Our […]

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Iowa’s dwindling bee population is part of a larger, frightening trend

Deep in the belly of the Vermeer Science Center at Central College in Pella, Iowa, cardboard boxes are stacked against the wall in a dimly lit laboratory. The boxes contain thousands of bees — carefully preserved and meticulously categorized based on their Latin genus and species — each with a unique tale to tell. Some are as small as a gnat; others are the size of a cockroach. Their colors span the spectrum, too, from rich, reflective blues to the familiar striped yellow and black of the common honey bee. Paulina Mena, an associate professor of biology, is their veritable warden. […]

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