Fashion Forward: Tim Shang, former University of Iowa student and Instagram stories master

I’m originally from China. My hometown is a small-sized city, but a small-sized city in China still has 1 million people. I came to Iowa for college, my major was finance, and I just graduated from University of Iowa. Soon, I will go to an internship in New York. After my internship, I will go to graduate school and after graduate school I will probably work in financial services, like growth management. […]

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Studio Visit: Jade Ariana Fair

Jade Ariana Fair is the current artist-in-residence at Iowa City’s Center for Afrofuturist Studies. She will present the work she has been developing throughout her residency in a public conversation next Saturday, Nov. 11, at Public Space One. […]

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Studio Visit: Photographer David Van Allen

With a style that is as unique as the portraits he creates, photographer David Van Allen invites you inside his Cedar Rapids studio to discuss his process to portraiture. Van Allen has been taking pictures for decades and discusses the common misconception between the subject and the overall image in this Little Village Studio Visit. […]

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