Album Review: Homogenized Terrestrials — Suspension

Phillip Klampe is a veteran of the dark ambient scene, self-releasing his first cassettes in the mid-1990s. His nom de ambient is Homogenized Terrestrials, which is a nod to his similarly long career as a grocery store dairy department manager. […]

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The record collector: Remembering Kirk Walther

Kirk Walther, owner of the Record Collector, passed away on Sept. 24 after more than 35 years of service to the Iowa City music community. As any small business owner will tell you, an owner’s DNA is woven into the fabric of their business. It is an extension of them, a reflection of their ideas, ideals, goals, vision and integrity, and, conversely, the business becomes a part of the owner. I write this about Kirk Walther, a man I consider to be the best boss I ever had, but an even better friend. […]

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