Cranksgiving, a cycling scavenger hunt that benefits local food banks, comes to Iowa City

Cranksgiving is coming to Iowa City for the first time on Saturday. For those who have never heard of Cranksgiving, it’s not a support group for people whose Thanksgiving involves talking to relatives who are political cranks. The event, which started in New York City in 1999 and has spread nationwide, is a combination bike race, scavenger hunt […]

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Waste not, want not: How Eastern Iowa is tackling the problem of food waste

From food sharing to organic composting, systems are being put in place to tackle issues of food waste, and they’re working. Stocking up on bulk goods at a wholesale warehouse club on a good sale. Over-catering for a party or event. Avoiding the slightly wrinkled pepper, bruised banana or about-to-expire dairy item at the grocery […]

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Donation Drive: New Pioneer Food Co-op supports Table to Table

Little Village’s Donation Drive pairs local businesses with nonprofits they believe in to raise awareness for these organizations and encourage giving this holiday season. Presented by New Pioneer Food Co-op New Pioneer Food Co-op is dedicated to feeding our community. As a local business that is cooperatively owned by our shoppers, we can guarantee that […]

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