Donation Drive: New Pioneer Food Co-op supports Table to Table

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Little Village’s Donation Drive pairs local businesses with nonprofits they believe in to raise awareness for these organizations and encourage giving this holiday season.

Presented by New Pioneer Food Co-op

New Pioneer Food Co-op is dedicated to feeding our community.

As a local business that is cooperatively owned by our shoppers, we can guarantee that your New Pi shopping dollars will stay in our community, helping us to hire employees, support local farmers and producers and to otherwise reinvest in our area. The Co-op helps our community by supporting numerous local nonprofits that work hard to improve life in the Corridor, such as Table to Table, Free Lunch Program and multiple crisis center food banks.

New Pioneer Food Co-op was founded back in 1971, at a time when it was hard to come by fresh, healthful foods raised by stewards of the land. From the start, the Co-op has thought about the needy people in our area and looked for ways that we could help. New Pi began contributing yummy vegetables that didn’t look quite as perfect as their peers to the Free Lunch Program, which served hot meals to the hungry from a church basement.

In 1996, the Co-op joined with a group of other local food activists to found Table to Table Food Rescue (T2T). New Pi’s former Education and Outreach Coordinator Theresa Carbrey, T2T’s founding Board Chair, describes their purpose in this way: “The goal was not to feed the hungry directly, but to distribute overlooked food that might otherwise become waste through area homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, and other non-profit agencies, including Free Lunch.” From the start, New Pi was a major donor to T2T.

New Pi and Table to Table have both grown over time, but our common desire to feed our community and prevent food waste remains strong. Last year, the Co-op donated over 79,000 pounds of food to our friends at T2T.

Supporter Perk

This holiday season, we will be selling reusable Table to Table tote bags for $5 each. The proceeds go to support T2T’s mission. Inside you’ll find a New Pi coupon! Spend $25, and you’ll get $5 off on your next visit. It’s a win-win: support Table to Table, and save at New Pioneer Food Co-op.

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