Comedian Shane Mauss talks comedy, science, upcoming show

Shane Mauss, comedian and host of the ‘Here We Are’ podcast, will bring his intellectually stimulating, laugh-out-loud hybrid act Stand Up Science to the Mill on Friday, Feb. 1. The show brings local scientists and comedians from each city it visits together for a night of entertainment and learning, followed by a panel discussion with all guests. […]

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West High teacher wins national science education grant

An Iowa City West High School science teacher is one of 50 educators nationwide to be awarded an Advocate grant by the Society for Science and the Public. Carolyn Walling will receive $3,000 from the Society’s Advocate program, which attempts to “expand opportunities for underrepresented and low-income students by helping them to develop STEM projects,” […]

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The moon will be blue on Saturday

Saturday night’s full moon will be the last blue moon until 2020. It will not, however, actually look blue. Unless something has gone terribly wrong. The moon only appears blue when light is refracted by an abnormal amount of particles in the air. It takes something like smoke from a major forest fire or the […]

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