Album Review: Peas and Carrot – Big Girl Shoes

Peas and Carrots

When Iowa Public Radio asked Peas and Carrot lead singer and guitarist Audrey Robinson who her vocal influences were during a recent in-studio interview, she snapped back, “NOT Janis Joplin!” “Janis Joplin” is too often used as shorthand for any female singer who has a raw, bluesy edge, but Robinson’s sound is less hoarse belting and more dynamic rock and soul reminiscent of vocalists like Linda Perry, PJ Harvey and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes. […]

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Album Review: Foul Tip – Heaven Now

Foul Tip

Reviewing the latest EP from Foul Tip is, well, sort of a challenge. The duo’s second release, Heaven Now, has a bit of an identity crisis. Four of the cuts on the cassette are propulsive, evocative chunks of post-punk and three of the tracks are goofy, but still mostly hard hitting. However, two of the songs are so successful, it really doesn’t bear mentioning the remaining five in such a short write-up. […]

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Show Preview/Album Review: The Wandering Bears at The Mill, 9/24/11

The Wandering Bears will play this Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Mill, sharing a fantastic bill with Iowa City’s Datagun and opening for Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps. The Wandering Bears craft smart, unique pop tunes with substance and catchy hooks. Their songs are about men and women and the stupid things we do to each other, but with a mix of sweet reminiscence, real heartbreak, and… […]

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Show Review: Taj Weekes & Adowa, Tribal Momentum – Yacht Club 8/12/11

As demonstrated by all the funky shops, restaurants, and people around town, Iowa City has multicultural tastes. Our local bands are interesting, and our clubs bring in acts from far-flung places to meet those tastes. St. Lucia is 2600 miles away from IC, so that qualifies as far-flung in my atlas. Taj Weekes & Adowa brought some of the culture of St. Lucia all the way to Iowa, and Tribal Momentum showed off a bit of Iowa City’s own crazy culture. […]

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Show Review: Carnival Hearts & Arts Parade @ White Lightning Wherehouse — 5/21/2011

Carnival Hearts & Arts Collective, a local collective of artists, held their biannual “parade” on Saturday. However, imminent rain forced the event out of the adorable Happy Hollow park and into the White Lightning Wherehouse. Vendors line the walls of this rambling, cavernous space. The event has the feel of a souq, of a community market in the ancient kasbah of Tangier, or of the mystery of London’s Borough market. The Carnival Hearts & Arts collective has an authentic–and almost ethnic–subcultural atmosphere, a collective of tattoos, funky chic, librarian eyeglasses, and wry smiles. […]

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Show Review: Tribal Momentum, Eugene Kelley, and Hannah Drollinger – 5/17/2011

In preparation for their upcoming show at the Yacht Club, members of the new Iowa City band, Tribal Momentum, hosted a house party and concert Tuesday night. The event evoked the feel of a hidden carnival or a Gypsy fireside, where musicians wander through delighting the assembled. There were artists of music as well as artists of munchies; the wonderful Claire made gourmet treats to complement Hannah’s tasty sangria punch. Everyone there seemed to know half of the crowd, and the convivial atmosphere helped them meet the other half before the night ended.
This show was exciting and friendly, daring yet comfortable, prepared yet extemporaneous, which pretty much sums up the personalities of the artists who hosted. I’d like to thank them for their hospitality, but I’d really like to thank them for sharing some phenomenal music. […]

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Event Photos: Food in Harmony – 9/25

The Mill hosted a fundraiser benefiting the Local Foods Connection on Sept 25th. The evening was packed with music from a variety of local artists, art and handmade goods, raffles, a silent auction, dancing,  food and booze….it was a great night and I was glad to be asked to capture some shots from the event.


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