Chris Kelly, arrested for ‘walking while Black’ in 2019, sues ICPD officers, a county attorney, Iowa City and Johnson County

Chris Kelly, an Iowa City resident who was arrested by Iowa City Police officers in a case a federal judge later called “a story of ‘walking while black,’” has filed a federal lawsuit against the officers who arrested him, an assistant Johnson County Attorney, as well as both Iowa City and Johnson County. The lawsuit […]

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White supremacist graffiti spray-painted in City Park

Visitors to City Park on Saturday morning may have encountered an unpleasant surprise on the pavement: white supremacist messages written with black spray paint in three different areas. “We’ve had spray-painting before, but never messages like this,” Collin Lenton of the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department said as he was scrubbing graffiti off one […]

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Police interactions with youth, the homeless discussed at final Iowa City Council listening posts

Last week, the Iowa City Council concluded its series of listening posts to gather feedback from residents on issues related to community policing, including police interactions with young people and people experiencing homelessness. During Monday’s listening post at Chauncey Swan Park, representatives from Shelter House, CommUnity Crisis Services, United Action for Youth and the Jail […]

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