‘This is about a movement’: District B candidate Ryan Hall wants to bridge the gap between students and others in Iowa City

University of Iowa undergraduate Ryan Hall said he believes his candidacy for the District B city council seat can help bridge what he sees as a gap between students and other residents of Iowa City. “A lot of the struggles that students are going through—the affordable housing crisis, paying way too much of the little money that they have trying to put a roof over their head—also effects our poor and working class in Iowa City,” Hall told Little Village. “So, if we bridge those gaps with the students and the residents of Iowa City to find solutions and build up the movement that is needed to build the voices, [and] the power of our local people really effect change.”

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‘I think we need leadership that represents everyone’: Angela Winnike wants to bring a new voice to the Iowa City Council

Ask Angela Winnike, a candidate for one of the two at-large city council seats, why she is running for the Iowa City Council and she talks about making the council a better reflection of the city’s population. “I think we live a community that’s really inclusive and open-minded, but I think we need leadership that represents everyone in our community,” Winnike told Little Village. “And that means people of all gender identities, all ages, all ethnic and cultural backgrounds and different economic backgrounds.” […]

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