Local comedian to host 5th annual ‘Comedy for Charity’

The Mill

Iowa City comedian Nathan Timmel sees things from a unique point of view. His thoughts on fatherhood, society and life in general bring in fans from the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area, but really, he draws fans wherever he’s performing. What’s special about Timmel, however, is that he makes it an annual point to bring in laughs for a good cause right here in Iowa City. […]

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The time I found out I was a whore


Comedy is a field historically dominated by men. As many comedians profess, there is an ever-present, underlying need for attention and approval that often drives them to the stage. Many of these men balance the nuance of a need to please with a talent for humor and create genuine comedy. When less talented comedians attempt […]

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Lookin’ for Laughs

Iowa isn’t on the map for stand-up comedy, at least not yet. But stand-up comedian Joel Fry is trying to change all that with the first annual Iowa Comedy Festival, which will premiere Oct. 12-16 in Des Moines.


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Iowa City Weekender – October 9-11

When it rains it pours. As in the commitments I’ve had in the last two weeks. Other than a trip to see Kathy Griffin (hilarious) I’ve been in a cocoon. Thus, the weekender had to take a two-week hiatus. But, we’re back, and hopefully, we’ll never leave you in the lurch ever again. Let’s get […]

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Iowa City Weekender – September 19-21

Either you’re helping me rebuild my house [wink, wink] or you’re looking for some good times on the weekend. Either way, there’s no home game, so you can praise/curse the lack of a tailgate and enrich yourself with a different kind of entertainment. Friday, September 19 (Movie Night) Final Season Movie at the Ballpark | […]

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