Iowa-grown comedy tonight at the First Avenue Club

The Comedian Coalition
Six comics perform tonight at the First Avenue Club. — image courtesy of the First Avenue Club

Doing comedy is brave. And it’s also very hard. If you’re good at it, people laugh. If you’re bad at it, there is weird, sweaty silence.

The Comedian Coalition is a group of six intrepid Iowa comedians who are set to descend upon The First Avenue Club this Thursday at 8 p.m. For a mere $5, it’s a sure bet that you will hear jokes about: pot, girlfriends and penises, not necessarily in that order. It’s also a sure bet that you will be entertained.

The nice thing about a show with six comedians performing is that there is a good chance that one of these gentlemen will elicit belly laughs from you and your friends. Just smile kindly at the other guys — comedy is hard.

Check out this bit from Andrew Jones performing at the Establishment Theatre in Rock Island.

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