Album Review: Jim Swim — In It With You

Weighing in at five tracks and 18 minutes, In It With You, the newest EP from Iowa artist Jim Swim, is difficult to pigeonhole in terms of genre. If pressed, I would describe it as a blend of hip hop, Nick Drake bootlegs, a book of poems by Rumi and a cold Arnold Palmer spiked with a little bit of whiskey. […]

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Album Review: Blake Shaw — Listen Hear

Blake Shaw Listen Hear Listen Hear is the latest release from Iowa City composer/musician Blake Shaw. Recorded at Flat Black Studios, Listen Hear is an incredibly accessible jazz album featuring a strong quintet of players with Shaw on the upright bass, Dan Padley on guitar, Nolan Schroeder and Ryan Smith on respective woodwinds and […]

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Riding the Organ Trail: A family faces tragedy by building a tradition of hope and giving

Organ Trail

Organ Trail bike ride Starting Point: 390 Herky St., North Liberty — Sat., May 14 at 10 a.m., $40 On Saturday, May 14, beginning at 10 a.m. in North Liberty, Pedal for Life will host its second annual Organ Trail bike ride. Registration is $40. The event will have all the standard trappings of a […]

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Minor indulgences: Scrooge gets an attitude adjustment

Minor Indulgences: Scrooge Edition

“Eat, drink and be merry” is a familiar holiday toast, but did you know that there’s a second, somewhat morbid half to the saying that explains the reason why we should imbibe and rejoice? In case you were unaware, the phrase in total goes: “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” So there: Put that in your holiday pipe and smoke it.

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On the Table: Take a bloody break

Bloody Mary

Here’s the conundrum: I’ve found myself at an unpleasant crossroads. I’m in my 30s, have high blood pressure and need to lose weight; but I am, by nature, an epicure. Until a little while ago, this joie de vivre served me relatively well—but I had a health scare recently and have been forced to question […]

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On the Table: Taking in Iowa City’s best minor indulgences

Post-holidays can be a tricky time and it seems like every year I eat a little more, drink a little longer and exercise a little less.

Having noticed my expanding waistline, my health-centric-physically-fit-yogi-fiancé decided to take drastic measures and put us on a three-week health kick called the “Crazy Sexy Diet.” […]

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