Show Photos: Paleo, Lonelyhearts, Brooks Strause, Kurt Vile @ the Mill – 4/3

In general, I don’t drink – but I am certainly going to have a Mission Creek hangover. Despite my exhaustion, tinnitus and many hours spent looking over and over at images I captured, I made it to the Mill again tonight. […]

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Show Photos: IHearIC – 3/8

IHearIC is lovely. In a nutshell, it’s an evening variety hour at the Englert highlighting local talent of all sorts. I was in attendance last week was charmed by the intimate setting – the audience sitting at candlelit bistro tables only feet from the performers showcased. This particular show featured students of the University’s school […]

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Show Photos – Sam Locke Ward, Paleo, Bob Bucko Jr, Douglas Nye @ the Mill, 1/18

Another lovely Tuesday Night Social Club at the Mill has come and gone. ┬áThis week offered a lineup of great local singer-songwriters that I am sure you will have many opportunities to catch in the future. Maybe you should just start coming to Tuesday Night Social Club every week so you don’t miss anything good…ever. […]

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Show Photos: Centaur Noir, Skye Carrasco, Mondo Drag 6/22 & Natalie Eickmeyer, Paleo, Brooks Strause & the Gory Details 6/23

Who doesn’t love a couple good midweek shows at the Mill? It’s the perfect excuse to go out for a few beers and great live music. The Mill’s free Tuesday Night Social Club featured Centaur Noir, Skye Carrasco, as well as Mondo Drag, who happened to be starting their 4-month tour of the midwest and east coast.


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