Just announced: Buckethead at Gabe’s

With over 300 studio albums to his name, Brian Patrick Carroll — better known to guitar aficionados as Buckethead — is as prolific as he is proficient. He’s collaborated with a wild variety of talent, from poetry records with Viggo Mortensen to a stint with Les Claypool as Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains to a brief time with Guns N’ Roses. […]

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Wild Belle’s Elliot Bergman pushes back against the world: ‘What about love? What about beauty?’

Chicago’s Wild Belle is fronted by Elliot and Natalie Bergman, siblings whose first album, Isles, was released in 2013. Since playing Gabe’s in 2016, the group has released a second album, Dreamland, and has continued to tour while working on a third. Wild Belle returns to Gabe’s on Sept. 23 at 9 p.m., with Fred Thomas opening. Tickets are $15-17. […]

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Review: MONO constructs a sonic canvass at Gabe’s

MONO returned to Iowa City after just over a year touring on 2016’s Requiem for Hell. The crowd was oddly thin, but appropriate: it was perhaps the quietest that I had heard Gabe’s during a show. The band was illuminated with a quiet red light, and throughout their set the band seemed to play around its steadfast glow. The light was warm, and evoked a sense of patience that let each band member’s instrument enter into, and exit from, each song. The distinct contribution of each performer could be acknowledged and recognized. Both the band and the audience were equally engaged at the occurrence of sound as it sprang forth from the stage: All present were enraptured at its production, in its occurrence. […]

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