More Mission Creek Videos & Photos: Mirror/Dash, Ana Sia, Devotchka, Poison Control Center & Dennis McMurrin

Finally got some time to sift through the hundreds of photos and handful of videos I collected at this year’s Mission Creek. Better late than never is what I always say! […]

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A John Waters Moment for Little Village

You may have noticed the awesome cover art for the March Little Village, which was embroidered and appliquéd by the talented and adorable Grace Locke Ward. Thanks to Mission Creek’s Andre Perry, Grace & I were able to attend the reception at Mark Moen’s amazing penthouse pied a terre, so that Grace could present him with the original cover work.


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Mission Creek Day 1: Come dance now.

Instead of getting into the details of A Classic Education schooling their audience on powerhouse Brit-pop, The Wandering Bears plucking tambourines from a red-lit, skeletal branch whilst belting out sweet downhome harmonies, and an ecstatic audience parting for members of the U of I brass section to join Rubblebucket onstage for a thunderous finale, what I would like to write you instead is “please come do this.” […]

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First Announcements: Mission Creek Festival 2011

The first announcement about 2011 Mission Creek Festival dropped today. It should be obvious that the Little Village staff overlaps with the Mission Creek staff, and that we have been in the past and will be forever huge cheerleaders for the Mission Creek Festival. So full disclosure: we don’t pretend anything resembling objectivity here — we’re huge fans, we’re friends, we’ve held each other’s hair while we’ve puked. […]

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