Indie hip hop straight out of Nashville: Spoken Nerd to play this Sunday at Gabe’s

Spoken Nerd w/ Von Neumann Architecture, BigSad

Gabe’s (Oasis Stage) — Sunday, Aug. 10 at 9 p.m.

This Sunday at Gabe’s, indie hip-hop artist Spoken Nerd will take the stage as part of his ongoing “Skele-tour” along with Iowa City’s Von Neumann Architecture and BigSad. So if you like Masters of the Universe references with your hip hop, this show might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Spoken Nerd is the project of multi-instrumentalist Nathan Conrad and his “associates” (namely, guitarist Christopher Surrat and drummer J.P. Cowden). Conrad began playing bass in a handful of punk bands while in high school, and his roots in the DIY punk scene are evident in his approach to hip-hop. Across seven full-length albums, Spoken Nerd has committed to the notion that live instrumentation and a sense of humor can be vital tools in the hip-hop palette.

Conrad’s beats are fun and frenetic, and fans of electro-party acts like Little Ruckus or Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt will certainly enjoy his energy. The fact that a Spoken Nerd show often swerves from traditional songs into the realm of spoken word, and even comedy, is just further evidence that Conrad promises to bring an unforgettable party every time he plays.

Though based out of Nashville, Spoken Nerd has some pretty close Iowa ties. Fairfield’s Mr. Nasti has extensively toured with Conrad, and Spoken Nerd contributed a verse to Mr. Nasti’s upcoming album Truth Sound (out on Maximum Ames Records in September).

Sunday’s show will also feature BigSad, a collaboration between Jay Schledit and Brock Muench, who once described their music as “positive message hip-hop freakouts” but now self-describe as an “improvised rhythm collage tribe.” Local experimental IDM act, Von Neumann Architecture, will also be playing.

This show is free and open to anyone 19 and older.

Watch “Big Beards” by Spoken Nerd (featuring Ceschi):

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