Album Reviews: In Rooms – The Night Has Come

In Rooms - The Night Has Come

Heather and Nick Leo form the core of the Des Moines-based tropical pop band, In Rooms. While they describe their sound as a mash-up of dub legend King Tubby and Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa, their new album The Night Has Come does not reference either of these artists. The Leos instead reference those artists’ musical regions. The eight songs on this brief, very gentle album pull from Latin American genres like Música Popular Brasileira (MPB), cumbia and bossa nova as well as reggae—but rocksteady rather than dub… […]

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Rory Block to visit CSPS Hall Saturday

Rory Block

Rory Block did not start out playing the blues. Growing up in New York City’s Greenwich Village during the rise of folk in the 1960s, Block started out by playing classical guitar. Her path changed when, at age 14, she met guitarist Stefan Grossman who introduced her to Mississippi Delta blues. Block quickly grew fond of the style and focused her life on the music. She left home to find the major players of the style — legends like Mississippi John Hurt, Reverend Gary Davis and Son House — and further hone her craft. […]

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Live music preview: Mobb Deep, Coolzey, Bleached and more


The duo Prodigy and Havoc are legendary rappers from the golden era of hardcore hip hop. Hailing from the Queensbridge Projects in New York City, Mobb Deep’s seminal sophomore album The Infamous was a realistic tale of the street gangsta. Rather than glorifying the lifestyle, Prodigy’s poetic rhymes and Havoc’s minimalist, bleak production presented a life full of misery, violence and paranoia. This album cemented their legacy as one of the great hip-hop groups to come out of the New York hardcore scene and built a legacy for the area’s future rap crews like Dipset. Anyone who has an interest in hardcore rap or likes the grittiness of New York rap should be at this show. […]

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