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John Schlotfelt

Emperors Club
Posted by John Schlotfelt | May 21, 2013

The full-length debut from Emperors Club, Killer Companion, is a surprisingly opulent pop record. At its core, it is wiry and ready to rock, but with all the glorious harmonies,...

Totale Night
Posted by John Schlotfelt | May 9, 2013

This isn’t a mistake. This is a review for Tampa buzz-band Merchandise in the “Local Albums” pages of Little Village. After heaps of accolades from the music press--NME and Pitchfork...

Foul Tip
Posted by John Schlotfelt | Apr 25, 2013

Reviewing the latest EP from Foul Tip is, well, sort of a challenge. The duo’s second release, Heaven Now, has a bit of an identity crisis. Four of the cuts...

Dana T
Posted by John Schlotfelt | Apr 11, 2013

The latest from Dana Telsrow (a.k.a. Dana T) is a six-song collection of mostly effective digital-baroque-funk (consider that genre term coined). The University of Iowa student has has enhanced his...

Posted by John Schlotfelt | Apr 1, 2013

Janeane Garofalo began her stand-up career in 1985. In just over a quarter century, Garofalo has been many things to many people. She was one of the faces of the...

Sam Locke Ward
Posted by John Schlotfelt | Mar 28, 2013

Major Surgery at Discount Rates finds Samuel Locke Ward in full power pop mode. After some eerie organ pulses, “Uninspired” leaps off the starting line.

Panther Puss
Posted by John Schlotfelt | Mar 15, 2013

For his second in a year-long series of monthly releases, Samuel Locke Ward has dipped back into more familiar territory. After the top-40-skewering electro-pop on his January release, 7 AM...

Perishing Road
Posted by John Schlotfelt | Mar 1, 2013

The full-length debut, Perishing Road, from Haunter (a.k.a. Kyle Arthur Miller) is ideal for late nights, headphones and staring out at the frozen tundra. Miller’s new collection of ambient compositions...

No Event
Posted by John Schlotfelt | Feb 15, 2013

The title of Alex Body’s sixth release, No Event, is actually an apt description of my first impression of the album. After a string of increasingly better releases, No Event...

Megan Buick
Posted by John Schlotfelt | Feb 15, 2013

Megan Buick’s self-titled album feels like the aural equivalent of Jan Svankmajer’s surreal, stop-motion film Alice—a fractured take on the Lewis Carroll classic. Svankmajer’s imaginative recreation of Wonderland constantly treads...

Posted by John Schlotfelt | Jan 31, 2013

Gem Jones Exhaust (Night-People Records) The latest EP from Gem Jones, Exhaust, is a brief study in juxtaposition. At only 19 minutes, Jones milks Exhaust for every second; vacillating...

Posted by John Schlotfelt | Jan 31, 2013

Samuel Locke Ward 7 AM New Year’s Day The normally prolific Samuel Locke Ward, no longer content with releasing two recordings per year, has embarked on an ambitious project:...

Posted by John Schlotfelt | Nov 30, 2012

Goldendust Self-Titled Night-People Records It’s easy, in a scene as intimate as Iowa City’s, to see Goldendust as Wet Hair part two. While it’s true that Joe Heuermann walks that...

Posted by John Schlotfelt | Nov 30, 2012

Wax Moth Spiracle Mannequin Rein Recordings The debut EP, Spiracle, from Iowa City metal outfit Wax Moth is nearly relentless. Starting with the feedback and initial kicks of “Colony...