Seeing Zombieland last Friday was quite the treat. Jessie Eisenberg ‘s Michael Cera impression was spot on, so there were many moments to entertain my twenty-something female disposition. Regardless of that lovable effeminate geek-boy finding love theme that has been hot these past few years, zombies were still the star attraction of the film. They have yet to leave my head-space.

Our cover photo essay this month, Invasion of the Donation Snatchers, also inspired this post. Dawn Frary’s photography was so incredible that designer Andrew and I spent over an hour choosing among the many phantastic pics in the sample she whittled down for us. We loved how it turned out despite the faintness of the last of the Marengo Publishing Corporation’s ink (R.I.P., MPC), and we hope y’all enjoy it as much as we do.

What sealed the deal on me blogging today was this video I came across Saturday. I want to have my spookiest October ever this year. I want to sit with cocoa under blankets in this cold weather, listening to horror stories every night. While walking my dog, I want to look behind me if I hear a twig snap. I want to camp in the woods under a full moon, alone with my autoschadenfreude. It’s time to face my fear of the horrible, to embrace the andrenaline, the wildly beating heart.

This video helped start my October off right. Probably NSFW for the colorful clay bowels that spew forth from recently offed zombies. Enjoy.

Chainsaw Maid