Talking Movies: Finding America at Hardacre

Meet the Patels

17th Annual Hardacre Film Festival Tipton High School Auditorium — Saturday, Aug. 2 This year the Hardacre Film Festival will not be located in the lovely Hardacre Theater, which is currently undergoing renovation. Instead, three feature-length docs and various shorts will play on Aug. 2 at a one-day event in the newly renovated Tipton High […]

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Moon Zero Three premiers Thursday 2/28 at PATV

Tonight marks the release of the first installment of long-awaited, locally produced sci-fi epic Moon Zero Three. (Starring former Hawkeye basketball star Acie Earl!) Check out the trailer and head over to PATV (206 Lafayette) for the 7 p.m. screening. […]

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Talking Movies: Pitching Woo

How to woo

Maybe your Valentine’s Day attempts to court that hottie with a pulse weren’t such a success. So what? Hop back on that horse. The horse of studious preparation, that is. If I’ve learned anything from movies it’s that everybody wants the same brand of magical happily-ever-after love: domestic, heterosexual, monogamous, procreating, eternal love. Yes, everybody … even you! […]

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Talking Movies: Lincoln before Spielberg

I’ll be surprised if Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln doesn’t take a handful of the 12 Academy Awards for which it’s nominated.  The greatest movie about our 16th president, John Ford’s Young Mr. Lincoln (1939), lost its sole Academy Award nomination, Best Original Screenplay, to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  More proof of an unjust universe.  Not […]

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Talking Movies: In The Dark

Zero Dark Thirty

The movies have a strange relationship with the mass shootings that have recently plagued our country. When the police arrested James Eagan Holmes for the massacre at The Dark Knight  in Aurora, Colo., he identified himself as the Joker. Before Gangster Squad could be released, a scene had to be cut because it featured a […]

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Talking Movies: The Lincoln of Yore

In 1975, Henry Fonda gave a retrospective interview to the BBC about his career up to that point. When asked about his reaction to being suggested for the title role in John Ford’s 1939 film Young Mr. Lincoln, he said that his initial response was simply fear. Playing Lincoln, Fonda suggested, was “like playing God.” […]

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Talking Movies: The Year after the Year of the Woman

It’s finally that time of year, folks. Loved ones gather together by the crackling fire to share memories and hugs. Bygones are forgotten as we remember what’s really important. Grudges fall by the wayside, tears well up and love is made. Yes, it’s finally the apocalypse. The Mayan calendar comes to an end and so […]

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Talking Movies: Skyfall Review – It’s a Man’s World.

I don’t know what’s more shocking: that twenty-three James-Bond movies have been made over the past fifty years, or that I’ve seen them all willingly. To understand why Skyfall, Sam Mendes’s fine reboot of the 007 myth, is such a supremely enjoyable movie, we need to understand why even the aggressively bad Bond flicks, of […]

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