Saturday’s Halloweenapalooza in Ottumwa brings a day filled with spooky films, performances and contests

Meet horror movie icons, get a tattoo, embody a zombie. The eighth-annual Halloweenapalooza horror showcase — taking place in the purportedly haunted Hotel Ottumwa — is full to the brim with film screenings, vendors, contests, live music and other features befitting Halloween.

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Talking Movies: David Robert Mitchell’s ‘It Follows’

Writer/Director David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows hits many of the notes that are by now (beyond) familiar to horror aficionados — it is, in part, a good summary of the horror movie tropes of the last 25 years or so. The film includes a relentless stalker, the thematization of teenage sexuality, a handful of fake-out jump scares, unseen-but-material malevolent beings, scary children, heroes who make terrible decisions and a moment of shocking gore. But this rather typical assemblage of tropes and characters belies the film’s originality, which consists more in the effective and often unique way these elements are deployed. […]

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Talking Movies: O Mother, Where Art Thou?

Talking Movies: May 2010 – It’s always risky making generalizations involving gender. But what’s life without a little risk? Motherhood is the social role most likely to devour a person’s identity. It seems much easier for a father to take off the father hat. When a mother wakes up in the middle of the night, her first thought is usually, “Are the children safe?” In Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s new movie Mother, playing at the Bijou May 7-13, the main character is rarely named. She is all mother. […]

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