Iowa City Weekender: October 14-17

Greetings Weekenders, Can I get a Chi-Chi-Chi? Can I get a Le-Le-Le? How about a VIVA CHILE! Sorry, this might be yesterday’s news but the images and sounds of celebration are really getting to me this morning, tugging on the ol’ heart strings, making my eyes leaky, you know how it is sometimes. Okay, deep […]

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Seeing Zombieland last Friday was quite the treat. Jessie Eisenberg ‘s Michael Cera impression was spot on, so there were many moments to entertain my twenty-something female disposition. Regardless of that lovable effeminate geek-boy finding love theme that has been hot these past few years, zombies were still the star attraction of the film. They […]

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Iowa City Weekender – October 31-November 2

Ok, this will be news to all of you: It’s Halloween. I know! Where would you be without the Weekender for such important breaking news? Well, that’s why we’re here for you. It is Halloween, and if trick or treating isnt on your agenda, a costume party probably is. Wherever you go, lets see who […]

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