Timeless duo the Cactus Blossoms play CSPS on Friday, June 10

The Cactus Blossoms

CSPS Hall — Friday, June 10 at 8 p.m.

Minneapolis' Cactus Blossoms perform in Cedar Rapids on June 10 -- photo courtesy of CSPS Legion Arts
Minneapolis’ Cactus Blossoms perform in Cedar Rapids on June 10 — photo courtesy of CSPS Legion Arts

Legion Arts CSPS Hall welcomes the Cactus Blossoms this week, as they tour for their debut album, You’re Dreaming. A Minneapolis-based traditional country band, the Cactus Blossoms are something from an older time. Influenced by the Everly Brothers and American folklorist Alan Lomax, the two brothers, Jack Torrey and Page Burkum, hold an aesthetic reminiscent of classic ’50s’ style down to their crisp suit jackets and slick-backs. Their 2016 album release You’re Dreaming holds a collection of heartfelt tracks with dreamy melodies and flawless harmonies, bringing a new name to classic country with a twist of vintage rock ‘n’ roll.

Their journey began with a residency at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to the band’s website, within a year’s time the duo had developed a trademark blend of “original songs and gut wrenching, tongue-in-cheek heartbreakers.” Their musical style remains true with a certain timelessness; the two contribute a natural, authentic vibe to the music scene.

With lyrics like, “One more kiss, eye-to-eye, it’s never easy, baby don’t you cry. Hold me close, look at the sky — powder blue,” their track “Powder Blue” sounds a little like something you would hear out of beloved cult-classic Twin Peaks’ western-style Roadhouse bar (in fact, you can find the brothers listed in the credits for the new Twin Peaks show out next year). With minimal instrumentation and a rustic, electric guitar air, the track is the epitome of a perfect, down-tempo, lazy love song. Other tracks include their upbeat selections “Spotlight Kisses,” “Queen of Them All” and the harmonic “Mississippi.”

The brothers will appear on stage at CSPS this Friday, June 10, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $16 in advance, $19 at the door. Credited by the Minneapolis Star Tribune as “the Twin Cities’ most beloved new traditional-country act,” the Cactus Brothers are a force to be reckoned with.