Iowa City’s youth roller derby league emboldens kids of all kinds

Kids of all genders and backgrounds gather at the center of the Grant Wood Elementary school gym, laughing and greeting their friends, only stopping when volunteers announce it is time to circle up. “Collide A Scope! Danimal! Bruz-A-Lot! Rainbow Assassin!” Introductions before practice are necessary for the I.C. Bruisers junior roller derby league. Its free price tag and welcoming environment bring in new skaters from the Iowa City area each week. […]

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Iowa City Weekender: 5/6-9

Greetings Weekenders! Those of you that enjoyed Cinco de Mayo festivities anoche are well aware that this weekend is already in full swing. Big thanks to The Sullivan Gang for stopping by Little Village Live and getting Wednesday night off to a great start. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO FROM THEIR PERFORMANCE Find more tunes […]

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Dangerous Curves

Photos by Ofer Sivan I am in a large, crowded and noisy room watching a group of women on roller skates delivering powerful and cringe-inducing hits to one another and taking spills that no amount of protective padding–store bought or God-given–could ever fully protect them from. By day, they are college professors and paramedics and […]

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