Album Review: Pieta Brown — ‘Freeway’

The press material for Pieta Brown’s new album, Freeway, quotes guitarist Jeremy Ylvisaker asking, “what kind of music IS this? Prairie gaze?!” The question, while humorous, touches on the sonic explorations of the sessions that make up her eighth album. For her first album on Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe label, Brown returned to Justin […]

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Just announced: Big Grove to present inaugural Cornfed Folk Fest in June

Big Grove Brewery in Iowa City has announced their inaugural Cornfed Folk Fest, a new music festival that will take place on two stages starting at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 8. Iowa City folk legend Greg Brown headlines. […]

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Interview: Pieta Brown on ‘Postcards,’ pen pals and Flat Black

The songs for Pieta Brown’s latest album, Postcards, were written while she was on a solo tour. The isolation and distance and the challenge to stay connected inspired the songs. When it came time to assemble them into an album she compiled a list of her dream collaborators and sent them “musical postcards.” The credits for the album read like a who’s who of American folk, and those familiar with her career will see some notable musicians she’s worked with or toured with including Calexico, Mark Knopfler, Carrie Rodriguez and the Pines. […]

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Album Review: Pieta Brown – Drifters

Pieta Brown Drifters Pieta Brown and her band had a very productive four and a half days at Justin Vernon’s April Base Studios recording her 2014 album Paradise Outlaw. They recorded 20 songs with the intention of making the album a double. Plans changed and she picked 14 songs for the single album we […]

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Album Review: Pieta Brown – Paradise Outlaw

Pieta Brown -- Paradise Outlaw

During her show at CSPS in October 2013, Pieta Brown mentioned that she was working on her next album at Justin Vernon’s April Base studios in Fall Creek, Wis. As a fan of Vernon—better known as the frontman and songwriter of Bon Iver—I was anxious to hear the results. […]

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Three November shows to warm your cold, cold heart

Black Dahlia Murder

If you’re in the mood for something decidedly more fast-paced, and potentially seizure inducing, head over to the Blue Moose for a full evening of melodic death metal and thrash revival. Known for experimenting with the genres of Scandinavian-style death metal and metalcore, The Black Dahlia Murder have been growling their way into the hearts of metal fans for well over a decade. Their latest LP Everblack features strobelight paced rhythms, frenetic key changes and maniacal growling. The album’s lyrics are brimming with horror film based imagery and as a whole is reminiscent of death metal pioneers Cannibal Corpse, with whom they have tour […]

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Album Reviews: Love Over Gold – Fall to Rise

Love Over Gold

Love Over Gold is the name of a new collaboration between Pieta Brown and Australian singer-songwriter Lucie Thorne, who met during a tour of the land down under a couple of years ago. The two became fast friends, and, after some correspondence and planning, they formed the group named after a Dire Straits song. […]

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On The Beat: Live music highlights for October 2-15

Pieta Brown

The first half of October brings a wide variety of music to Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Standing out are two duos and two full fledged bands: We have a pair of songwriting ladies from opposite ends of the world. […]

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