Opinion: UI student-athletes abused privilege standing with Trump

I wanted to be proud of the University of Iowa. When I heard that Donald Trump would be coming to Iowa City, I hoped to see a united front. I hoped to see students, faculty and community members come together to stand up against this candidate’s hateful rhetoric. I hoped to see peaceful protestors accorded […]

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Your Town Now: Repeal the Drug Tax Stamp law

Your Town Now

Iowa has a law that intends to make drug users plead guilty to a lesser charge or suffer the consequences of prison and a large fine: the Drug Tax Stamp law (DTS), Chapter 453B Code of Iowa. Enacted in 1990, the DTS specifically addresses illegal drugs; all substances legally obtained and sold are exempted, so […]

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Guest opinion: Why I interrupted Sally Mason

By Chelsea Bacon In my backpack were several posters and two rings of duct tape: one black, one yellow. School Pride, you know? Outrage boiled over in the past few days, coming to a head over University of Iowa President Sally Mason’s ineffectual, inaccurate statements about rape. When asked by the Daily Iowan about the […]

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Letter to the editor: “Terrorism”

FBI Headquarters

Monday was a busy day. Since I don’t have a smart phone, I was forced to get my news about the bombings in Boston second-hand. I asked a classmate if there had been any leads as to who had been behind the bombings. My informant replied that it was suspected that the bombing was an act of terrorism. I thought that answer was curious because it said nothing at all about the bombing or the bomber. However, it may have said a lot about us. […]

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Opinion: The Visual Rhetoric of Public Space

For Laura Rigal, 15-year UI faculty member and professor of English and American Studies, the visual rhetoric of the ads for Park @ 201, the new Moen Group building on the Pedestrian Mall, composes a compelling archive of how Iowa City has been impacted by Anglo-European settlement, federal funding, finance capital, contestations over public space […]

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Opinion: Should Genetically Engineered Food Be Labeled?

Taking on agribusiness giants like Monsanto, Cargill and Syngenta is no easy task, but some Iowans are determined to raise the issue of consumers’ right to know what is in the food they eat. In October, Occupy the World Food Prize activists in Des Moines held panel discussions and protests confronting what they say are […]

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