‘Sex Education’ and you

My new favorite show is Sex Education on Netflix. The series follows the insanely adorable and awkward Otis, who teams up with his brilliant, badass classmate Maeve to start a super secret sex therapy clinic. Otis uses knowledge picked up from his mother’s sex therapy business to guide his classmates through their sexual insecurities and quandaries.


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Letter to the editor: I’m sick of talking about ‘13 Reasons Why’

After Netflix released ’13 Reasons Why,’ the show instantly produced record internet buzz — over 11 million Twitter mentions in the first month after its release. Increasing the visibility of suicide is important and, when done correctly, makes a difference. The show, with its millions of viewers, had potential to bring suicide prevention into public consciousness, bringing about positive change. Instead, the show produced a negative effect. […]

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The Tube: Have we made a huge mistake?

Arrested Development

Maybe it’s my pre-pubescent sense of humor, but the funniest aspect of the fourth season of Arrested Development is Tobias’ new license plate which reads “ANUSTART.” In his bizarro world, that’s supposed to be plate-speak for “A New Start.” The schtick pops up again in a later episode when Lucille 1 encounters Tobias in rehab, […]

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The Tube: If it looks like quality?

Every mall in America has a kiosk full of bright colored, often gaudy purses, intended to mimic designer styles but sold for a fraction of the price. While some of them look quality at first glance, upon closer examination, the stitching usually isn’t quite right and the materials just feel cheaper. This knock-off purse example […]

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The Tube: Free yourself from traditional cable packages

In the second installment of a two-part series on a la carte television, Melissa Zimdars asks whether viewers can already unbundle themselves by moving away from traditional cable packages and toward streaming television online. Rumors of cable or satellite television becoming unbundled, which refers to the ability to purchase a particular channel’s content or a […]

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The Tube: The Price of Choice

In the first installment of a two-part series on a la carte television, A.C. Hawley asks if viewers can expect to save money by moving away from traditional cable packages and toward purchasing individual channels online. At the beginning of this year, Internet and business circles buzzed with discussion about a new television project being […]

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