Photo Gallery: Mission Creek Festival 2022

After two years of COVID-19 disruptions, Iowa City’s Mission Creek Festival returned to an in-person format this year. Thirty-five separate bands and musicians performed across three days, and 12 authors, as well as many other writers and poets, held readings, […]

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Get lit at Mission Creek! A preview of the festival’s literature event track

The Mission Creek Festival, a highlight of the area’s arts and culture scene, always includes an impressive slate of authors and a variety of ways to interact with them. This year’s festival includes the annual Lit Walk (April 8), which […]

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From Marvel Comics to Chicago public schools, Eve L. Ewing pursues stories she sees as ‘essential’

When I mentioned that I was interviewing Dr. Eve L. Ewing to Matt Griffin, a Ph.D. student in my Communication Studies department, he recounted a moment that encapsulates her wide-ranging work that spans everything from poetry, comics and academic publishing […]

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