David Dondero returns to Iowa City tonight for a show at Public Space One

David Dondero returns to Iowa City with his “outbound sound” and the ups and downs (yes, he’s “been over- and under-rated”) of a singer-songwriter who has made a career not only on the road, but of the road (processing, performing, and navigating “highway archaeology,” that “snaky stretch of tar” in an average of 175 live shows per year over the last two decades). He joins Davenport musician Liv Carrow for an event co-hosted by Little Village at Public Space One tonight at 8 p.m. […]

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Generifus and friends to perform DIY music showcase at Trumpet Blossom Cafe

Generifus/Us-mode/Liv Carrow Trumpet Blossom Cafe — Thu., Apr. 7 at 8 p.m. The Mission Creek Festival may seem to have swept through the entirety of Iowa City this week, but there are still some other great shows going on outside of its auspices. Tonight at 8 p.m., Trumpet Blossom Cafe will host Washington’s Generifus (touring […]

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