First details released for the 2014 Mission Creek Festival

Mission Creek!

Mission Creek officials revealed the first lineup details of 2014 today, boasting a list that includes famed composer Philip Glass and former Drive-By Truckers guitarist/songwriter Jason Isbell. In addition to its usual slew of literature, film, lecture and music events, the 2014 festival will include a new Mission Creek Tech + Innovation Mini-Conference set for April 4-5, as well as a film series co-curated by FilmScene. […]

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Palme d’Or-winning film heads to FilmScene this weekend

Blue is the Warmest Color

FilmScene’s Scene 1 theater will be screening Blue is the Warmest Color this Friday and Saturday as part of a sneak preview event. The film recently won the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and has drawn significant critical praise. Blue is the Warmest Color is adapted from the award-winning French graphic novel […]

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Talking Movies: Recent films by Alex van Warmerdam

With the recent conclusion of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the advertising blitz for Oscar night (yes, five months from now) can officially begin. While the top awards and appertaining press were about movies which told us how Europeans felt about American racial oppression–always appreciated,  Steve McQueen–we should not overlook the work of a […]

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Talking Movies: Pablo Larrain’s No


During the run-up to the Iraq war, there was a popular bumper sticker which satirized the idea of Iraqi elections. It showed an imaginary Iraqi ballot with two voting options. Option one said “I vote for Saddam Hussein;” option two said “Please arrest me and torture my family.” […]

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Film review: Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color

Upstream Color

A Pig farmer, a hypnotist, a mad scientist and Henry David Thoreau. All of these may or may not be characters in Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color and some of them may or may not be the same person. Nothing in this azure-and-beige meditation on storytelling and modern experience is reliable, maybe least of all its […]

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The electric car gets its revenge

Revenge of the Electric Car

With 30 new models introduced since 2010, The electric car has enjoyed quite a resurgence in recent years. Though this infrastructure-intensive vehicle might seem a bit more illusive to those of us in the Midwest, charging station initiatives continue to creep inward from either coast and home-charging solutions are becoming increasingly viable. As of January, Iowa hosts 33 public charging stations, though only four electric vehicles are registered to Johnson County. […]

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Complete Schedule: IC DOCS 2013


The 11th annual Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival (IC DOCS) kicks off Thursday, offering Iowa City film-lovers the chance to catch dozens of 30-minute-or-less productions shot both locally and around the world. We’ve highlighted a few productions in particular, but don’t be afraid to dive in blind. Soaking in many of these cinema experiences […]

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