Talking Movies: Best films of 2014 that you might have missed

  As Johnny Depp’s drunken tribute at the Hollywood Film Awards reminds us, the winter film awards season is underway. With tons of new releases, now is good time to look back at some of the films that will be recognized and some that might be overlooked in the upcoming slew of awards shows. Ida […]

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Talking Movies: Isao Takahata’s ‘The Tale of Princess Kaguya’

The Tale of Princess Kaguya Opening at FilmScene on Wednesday, Nov. 26 The Tale of Princess Kaguya is animator Isao Takahata’s first film in 14 years, and if you told me that he spent the last decade and a half working on this film, I might believe you. The most immediately striking aspect of the […]

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Talking Movies: Exploring true crime

Americans like to feel that we invented the ‘true crime’ genre. We think that it happened sometime after World War II, was rooted in classic detective fiction and was nurtured by pulp magazines, film noir, excessive smoking and the shock and disillusionment bred from serial killers and post-war ennui. Several movies currently showing in town […]

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