‘Moonlight’ in Miami: The new coming-of-age film is powerfully quiet

Moonlight FilmScene — through Thursday, Dec. 1 Loud American cars can sometimes suggest loud, American problems. The opening scenes of Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight feature Mahershala Ali as Juan, a high-placed drug dealer, rolling onto a typical drug corner in a growling, powder blue Chevy Impala with massive rims and an equally massive cd collection mounted […]

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‘Morris from America’ comes of age, globally

Morris from America FilmScene — opens Friday, Sept. 9 at 1:30 p.m. In a lot of ways, Germany is just like us. About half our language we stole from them; we have both embraced immigration as generally enriching, but with very similar misgivings; their Holocaust is a lot like our slavery; we both love sausage; […]

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Island life: Two films, one fresh at FilmScene, seek emotional rescue and explore isolation

In 2010, Judith Scharansky, a graphic designer who grew up in East Germany and was thus restricted in her ability to travel abroad, published a book called Atlas of Remote Islands: 50 Islands I Have Never Set Foot on and Never Will. In this small but entertaining volume, she reminds us that “paradise is an […]

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The Eggshell Aunt: Edward Shults’ ‘Krisha’ shows family at its holiday worst

Krisha Film Scene — Opens Friday, Apr. 15 From a distance, your family Thanksgiving may not look all that different from that of director Trey Edward Shults, as portrayed in Krisha, his debut feature. Your family might similarly assign the men to the living room to monitor sporting events while the women huddle in the […]

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Oscars Round Up: Newcomer Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat is “astonishing” in ‘Theeb’

Jacir Eid in 'Theeb'

The LV film team offers up a peek at some of the nominees for the upcoming Academy Awards. Be sure to read the first in this series, John Rigby’s review of ’45 Years.’ Also, check out the article from Issue 193 on the Englert/FilmScene Hollywood Live! party. Today, Warren Sprouse reviews Best Foreign Film nominee […]

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Talking Movies: Best films of 2014 that you might have missed

Roger Ebert Life Itself

  As Johnny Depp’s drunken tribute at the Hollywood Film Awards reminds us, the winter film awards season is underway. With tons of new releases, now is good time to look back at some of the films that will be recognized and some that might be overlooked in the upcoming slew of awards shows. Ida […]

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