Your Town Now: The city council’s Chauncey decision is remarkably opaque

Your Town Now

The Iowa City Council’s 5-1 decision last month to move ahead with Marc Moen’s Chauncey building project settled the question of what is to become of the corner of Gilbert and College, but the decision also led some local dissenters to look upon the council with an eye of suspicion. One such group with the […]

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Your Town Now: A treaty to end competition between Iowa City, Coralville and North Liberty.

The collective brass of the Iowa City-Coralville-North Liberty Commerce Triangle are hard at work on a landmark economic policy charter to be known as the Community Business Attraction and Anti-Piracy Compact. A lofty title for what some believe to be little more than a misguided protectionist reaction to the giant sucking sound emanating from the […]

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Your Town Now: Urban Chicken Keeping

At long last, it appears that urban chickens may be on their way to Iowa City. On Nov. 27, an amendment to the Iowa City zoning code that would allow chicken-keeping at single-family homes passed second consideration, 5-2. The amendment must pass one additional vote before being enacted; the third vote is scheduled for Dec. […]

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Your Town Now: A New Levee or Amtrak for Iowa City?

Iowa City’s floodwall plans raise a question about priorities   Hurricane Sandy’s ravaging of New York City and other parts of the eastern seaboard serves as a grim reminder of just how vulnerable our communities remain to natural disaster. The chaotic aftermath produced apocalyptic images of inundated streets, miles-long traffic jams and empty grocery shelves. […]

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Your Town Now: Justice: Supply & Demand

If you can cut through all the glittering doublespeak and rhetoric, you’ll find a deeply ambiguous set of truths about the proposed Johnson County “Justice Center” (read: jail) that will be put to a vote on Nov. 6. (Or right now, if you’re an early voter.) For dramatic effect, it should be noted that the fight […]

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Your Town Now: Following the Money

Your Town Now—now featuring twice as many writers as a 1,000-word column should need—is Little Village’s monthly look at local news items of interest. In this edition, we look at two proposed initiatives of the City of Iowa City: to restrict payday lenders, and to focus school district spending, once again, outside Iowa City proper. […]

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