‘First Reformed’ is a stark reflection on climate change, hypocrisy and ‘God’s plan’

“Can God forgive us for what we’ve done to this world?” That is the question which Michael, the radical environmental activist, poses to a disturbed pastor at the beginning of First Reformed. It is the question that haunts this small, brutally beautiful film, the latest from writer-director Paul Schrader, the cinema legend who penned the scripts for Taxi Driver and Raging Bull […]

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Flood construction may mean the end for a Coralville bar, and an uncertain future for its employees

Bar’Ber Shop Tavern

This summer marks the eighth anniversary of the Iowa Flood of 2008. However, the flood, which left parts of the University of Iowa campus underwater and left $64 billion in property damage all told, is still not done leaving a toll on the Johnson County community. It’s latest victim: the Bar’ber Shop Tavern. The Bar’ber […]

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The disjunction of filmmaker Mary Helena Clark

Mary Helena Clark

Headroom Screening Series Presents: Mary Helena Clark FilmScene — Thu., Mar. 31 at 6 p.m. On Thursday, Mar. 31, at 6 p.m., the Headroom Screening Series (which, according to it’s website, is a “roving microcinema that collaborates with local venues to curate screenings and other media-related events and performances”) will be hosting a free screening […]

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Oscars Round Up: ‘Brooklyn’ is an intelligent and seductive love story

Brooklyn, directed by John Crowley

This week, the LV film team is exploring a few of the nominees for Sunday’s 88th Academy Awards. John Rigby kicked off the series with his review of ’45 Years,’ and yesterday, Warren Sprouse discussed the Jordanian nominee, ‘Theeb.’ Third in this series is Matthew Byrd’s review of ‘Brooklyn.’ The nominee for Best Picture, Best […]

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Uncovering the forgotten history of black businesses in Iowa City

942 Iowa Avenue

The state of Iowa has a well-worn reputation for racial progressivism. As any left-of-center, Iowa-centric political group will remind you, Iowa has long been ahead of the game on legislative victories over racism: It banned slavery in 1839, legalized interracial marriages before the Civil War, struck down segregated schooling in 1868 and did away with […]

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Trump ‘show’ draws protesters and spectators in Iowa City

With less than a week to go until the Iowa caucuses, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump stopped by the Iowa Field House for a campaign rally last night. Hoping to rally as many Hawkeyes to the polls as he can for Monday’s caucus, he started off with a bang, inviting members of the University of Iowa […]

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The ‘Core Four’ won: Now what?

City Hall

Mayor Matt Hayek warned that, if elected, the Core Four would return Iowa City to the ‘anti-growth, micro-managing city hall of eras past.’ Now, having swept the election, the Core Four gets its chance to prove him wrong. As the air gets colder and the prairie wind begins to unleash its bite, the hearts of […]

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Finding a balance in Iowa City’s District A

Iowa City Council

As discourse over downtown high-rises and the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIFs) dominates the public conversation leading up to the Iowa City Council race, an entirely different set of issues drives the District A contest between incumbent councilman Rick Dobyns and his sole challenger, nurse and community activist Pauline Taylor: racial disparity in Iowa […]

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County wage ordinace weighs heavy on city election

City Council Candidate forum

Update: On Tuesday, Oct. 6, the Iowa City Council indicated that while they plan on allowing the county ordinance to go into effect, leading to a minimum wage increase to $8.20 in Iowa City next month (the first of several wage increases through 2017), councilors stressed the need for a comprehensive analysis of the ordinance […]

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