So, ‘some jackass’ stole your bike? Welcome to Iowa City.

Robert Henderson bikes to get around Iowa City. It’s his main transportation. He works at Carlos O’Kelly’s cooking, washing dishes and bussing tables. He locks his bicycle behind the building by the dumpster. There’s a locked gate, too, just in […]

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Farm Cycle 2018 continues the Rad Tour tradition

If the weekend forecast is accurate, this Sunday, September 16, will be a perfect day for a late-summer bike ride. Conveniently, Iowa City Bike Library Director Audrey Wiedemeier has already coordinated the local bicycling and culinary event of the season, Farm Cycle — formerly known as RadTour. […]

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‘A beautiful run’: Steve Goetzelman plans to close 30th Century Bicycle on Valentine’s Day

30th Century Bicycle owner Steve Goetzelman announced on his Facebook profile today that he plans to close his popular downtown Iowa City bike shop on Valentine’s Day. The business has offered new and used bikes, accessories and repairs since it opened on Earth Day 2009. […]

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