Q&A with Audra Yokley, intimacy choreographer for the stage

“They kiss,” reads the stage direction. But how long? Which character makes the first move? Are we talking hands on the face, shoulder, waist? Is the kiss more tender or sensual? Directors and actors are often left to prescribe or improvise this blocking, but, much like a bumbled fight scene, poor communication and choreography can lead to […]

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ICCT’s ‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ is one hell of a bizarre, wonderful show

Iowa City Community Theatre’s production of George Reinblatt’s Evil Dead: The Musical is both bizarre and wonderful — in spades. After seeing it Friday night, I went home and watched all three original movies: Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness. After this surprisingly swift marathon I have come to the undeniable conclusion […]

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Run away with the troupe of ICCT’s ‘Pippin’

The success of ‘Pippin,’ the first show of ICCT’s 64th season, is greatly due to director Josh Sazon and choreographer Taylor Gomez. They, with musical director Wes Habley, guide us through Pippin’s “Everyman” journey through life, searching for happiness and something more: purpose. […]

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