Run away with the troupe of ICCT’s ‘Pippin’

The success of ‘Pippin,’ the first show of ICCT’s 64th season, is greatly due to director Josh Sazon and choreographer Taylor Gomez. They, with musical director Wes Habley, guide us through Pippin’s “Everyman” journey through life, searching for happiness and something more: purpose. […]

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The weight of skirts: Anna’s costumes in ‘The King and I’

On the day of the Women’s March, Jan. 21, 2017, King and I lead actress Heather Botts was onstage in L.A. playing Anna. When she said the line, “I believe women are just as good as men. just as intelligent, just as important,” Botts remembered, the show stopped. The audiences started cheering, roaring in her ears. She knew then she was apart of something, in a time in history that it was important to be telling the story of The King and I. […]

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