Six of our favorite performances at Public Space One

Photo by Amber Ginsberg via Flickr

As of today, the future of Public Space One is still unclear.

Live performances are expected to transition into PS1’s sister location, PSZ, though venue director John Engelbrecht isn’t ruling out proposals to retain PS1 as a performance space on some level. PS1 will likely operate in an entirely different capacity should discussions with city officials prove fruitful. […]

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Iowa City Weekender: October 25-27

Hello and welcome to the “HalloWeekender!” If you’re planning on getting down in the name of Halloween, this is the weekend to do it. Over the next few days, I’m predicting that I’ll see 7 college aged Waldos, and crossing […]

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On the Beat: Iowa City Song Project

I try to collect as much Iowa City music as I possibly can. When I can’t buy a record at a show, I scour Bandcamp pages for the ones I don’t have yet. I spend hours creating and editing mixes of […]

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Show Photos: Blue Moose Halloween Show: Cop Bar, HOTT, Middleagers from Mars – 10.29

Occassionally, I can’t settle for only being in one place at any given time, and it’s usually on nights when there is more than one awesome show in this town. Last weekend I ping-ponged back and forth between Gabe’s Halloween show and the one at the Blue Moose. I don’t play favorites, so lemme just say that the debacle at the Blue Moose was one of great fury, suited to rock the socks off of anybody. […]

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Iowa City Weekender: October 27-29 // Halloween Special

This week, you get two Weekenders for the price of one, assuming that you actually paid to read this column. One is a regular version. The other is a digest of all the Halloween events. Use one or both. The choice is yours alone. […]

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This Wednesday on Little Village Live: Hott

Join us at Public Space One this afternoon for Iowa City’s own Hott, one of the few bands out there who tout guaranteed destruction. From 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. you’ll be able to catch a whopping dose of Iowa […]

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Show Photos: Firecracker 500 Festival, Day One – 7/1/11

Well folks, tonight is the third and final night of the resurrected Firecracker 500 Festival at the Blue Moose Tap House. To entice you to check out the last day of Iowa City garage rock greatness, here are some photos from the first day. Included you will find shots of the last four bands of Friday evening: The Bent Scepters, Half Rats, HOTT and The Coathangers. This was a seriously good night of music. […]

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Old Thrashers Reunion – The Mill 3/27/10

Long live the old thrashers. Liberty Leg, Acoustic Guillotine, HOTT, and Bad Accident demonstrated last night once again the how and the why, a night in the life, a little sliver of the all-Iowa City rock n roll royalty pie. […]

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The Boo Hoos, Lipstick Homicide, Hott, and Old Panther Live 1-23!

I hauled out the trusty Zoom H4 to the Mill last Saturday night, and recorded some good ol homegrown Iowa Rock & Roll. So Here it is, with no commercial interruption! All pics (except the first) were taken by the […]

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