Iowa City Weekender: 4/29-5/2


Take Back the Night | 7-10 pm | Pentacrest | FREE

Who’s doing real work to make Iowa City a safer place? Clue: It’s not the City Council. Take Back the Night is an international organization that organizes public demonstrations that speak out against sexual violence, empowers victims and unites allies to voice refusal to live in fear of these cowardly acts.

From the group’s Facebook event page:

Historically, this event recognized sexual and relational violence against women, as women are most often the targets of this type of violence. However for this year, the event will be extended to provide the opportunity for all oppressed groups to speak out against violence in many manifestations (i.e. sexualized, relational, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc) and literally – to take back the night. We assert that all human beings have the right to be free from violence, the right to be heard, and the right to reclaim those rights if they are violated.

Tonight’s event will begin at the Pentacrest at 7:00 with an open stage where the public is invited to share their experiences.  Please support these brave individuals.

8:00: Again, I quote, “March through Iowa City and reclaim the streets from all perpetrators of violence and let the city and campus know that violence against any group will not be tolerated.”

8:30: Return to the Pentacrest, and again pass the mic to share experiences.


SAAH Arts Fest 2010 | UI Studio Arts (1375 Hwy 1 West, the old Menards) | 4 pm | FREE

More than 200 artists display work throughout the 400,000 square foot, former big-box store.  Sound pretty awesome?  Yeah it is.  View work from all mediums: Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, Performance, Ceramics, Photography, Graphic Design, Print Making, Intermedia/Time-based Media… You name it, Studio Arts has got it, this Friday night.


Hott w/ Fret Rattles, The Boxknives, Samuel Locke Ward and the Boo Hoos | 7 pm doors | Blue Moose Tap House | $6


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Has it been a while since you’ve had your socks rocked off?  Some of the best bands in the universe are playing this Saturday at the Blue Moose.  Like who?  Like…



Sam Locke Ward and the Boo Hoos

If you know what’s good for you, you won’t miss it!

Also of note: 7:30 pm, local hip hop show featuring ]]]]]] (Staples), Ion, and Earthquake Baby.  Where?  Where else but on the Ped Mall?  (Specifically, in front of the Sheraton, by the fountain).  Ooh, reminder: Have you downloaded the mixtape??


David Davis and the Warrior River Boys | The Mill | 2 pm | $10

If there is any part of you that has any inclination, any part of you that can tolerate Bluegrass music – this band will locate that section and shower it with love until it takes over your whole soul and make you question the tale of your birth as told by mom and dad, for you will swear that you were sprung directly from the loins of the Blue Ridge Mountains themselves. This rhythm rings true, and these notes are spot on. After Sunday brunch, go tap your feet and dosey-doe your Sunday afternoon away at the Mill.

This show will feature temporarily-local and permanently-splendid-gentleman Brad Folk on the gee-tar. You are promised a lovely afternoon of perma-grin this Sunday at the Mill.

Have a Great Weekend!


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