Iowa City Weekender: February 9-12

The week’s almost over, y’all, which means it’s about time for another edition of the Iowa City Weekender! There were a few items here that didn’t come to my attention until the very last minute, so any short write ups/block quotes is not a product of laziness, but rather a genuine commitment to being thorough. […]

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Show Photos: Head for the Hills on Little Village Live – 3/2

Head for the Hills did an early evening show for Little Village Live before performing at the Yacht Club later that night. I couldn’t make the late show, so I swung in, with my mom in tow, to catch these talented performers. These four bluegrass musicians are presently promoting their sophomore self-titled album on their […]

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Iowa City Weekender: March 18-20th

FRIDAY Joe and Vicki Price | George’s Buffet | 9 pm | FREE Eastern Iowans Joe and Vicki Price come put the cherry on top of Spring Break week. Parking spaces, sunshine, rusty bikes, saint paddy’s day, Lost, Mission Creek preparatory research, did I mention sunshine? And bikes? And free blues at George’s? Joe and […]

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