Iowa City Weekender: March 18-20th


Joe and Vicki Price | George’s Buffet | 9 pm | FREE

Eastern Iowans Joe and Vicki Price come put the cherry on top of Spring Break week. Parking spaces, sunshine, rusty bikes, saint paddy’s day, Lost, Mission Creek preparatory research, did I mention sunshine? And bikes? And free blues at George’s? Joe and Vicki Price’s 2009 release “Rain or Shine” was named best Blues album by the Independent Music Awards, and they’re also up for the IMA’s “People’s Voice” award. Click here to listen and vote if you don’t already know you be loving Joe and Vicki Price.

Also of note: Leslie and the Ly’s w/ Christopher the Conquered | The Mill | 9 pm | $10 advance/$12 door

I’m pretty sure they sold out The Mill last time Leslie and the Ly’s were in town, so be sure to get there early.  As very well put on the Mill’s site:

Leslie’s laser beam dance moves have been known to cause near blindness in the fans who gather at her shows… If you are lucky, it is possible that a bead of perspiration may ripple down her brow and upon your flesh.

Leslie Hall


Daytime: Welcome to Spring Party with Dave Moore and Sandy Dyas | Red Avocado| 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Full disclosure I helped organize this one, but honestly it’s going to be awesome.  Dave Moore playing solo, two sets (11:30 am and 1:30 pm), followed by an opening reception for Sandy Dyas, who will be showing a collection of photos and collages in the space for the next few weeks.

Dave Moore

Dave Moore is an internationally recognized songwriter from here in Iowa City. He brings a heavy Latin/Southwestern influence to his Iowa blues, and employs the accordian, harmonica and guitar to complement his storytelling in wonderful ways.  The breadth of his influences (and skill) is truly something to behold.  He honed these skills during several tours as band leader for Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion, and touring extensively with Greg Brown and working with other Iowa City musicians to put out some classic blues records, culminating with his 1999 release Breaking Down to 3.

Sandy Dyas

Sandy Dyas teaches Art at Cornell college, and was recently selected to represent Iowa in the 50 States Project.  View the work of this highly accomplished artist on her website, and visit with her at the Red Avocado this Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night: Head for the Hills w/ Filling Space, Songbird Bethann | Yacht Club |  9 pm | $7

I have heard lots of good things about Head for the Hills in the last few days, even from people I wouldn’t expect to be so inclined toward the bluegrass scene, so let’s go give them a listen shall we?  Also, I happened to see Songbird Bethann at an open mic a few weeks ago and have a feeling we will be seeing more from her in the future.  Multi-istrumentalist, great performer, great voice – watch out for Bethann Gavin.

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Songbird Bethann

That’s all for us – now go back outside!

Have a great weekend,



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