Podcast: Hannah Drollinger, Eugene Kelley on Little Village Live

Hannah “The Bohemian Fiddler” Drollinger, acoustic guitarist Eugene Kelley and drummer Rob Evans perform almost an hour’s worth of solo, duet, and trio pieces. The songs range from upbeat gypsy tunes to more soulful folk–some recorded here for the first time. […]

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Show Review: Tribal Momentum, Eugene Kelley, and Hannah Drollinger – 5/17/2011

In preparation for their upcoming show at the Yacht Club, members of the new Iowa City band, Tribal Momentum, hosted a house party and concert Tuesday night. The event evoked the feel of a hidden carnival or a Gypsy fireside, where musicians wander through delighting the assembled. There were artists of music as well as artists of munchies; the wonderful Claire made gourmet treats to complement Hannah’s tasty sangria punch. Everyone there seemed to know half of the crowd, and the convivial atmosphere helped them meet the other half before the night ended.
This show was exciting and friendly, daring yet comfortable, prepared yet extemporaneous, which pretty much sums up the personalities of the artists who hosted. I’d like to thank them for their hospitality, but I’d really like to thank them for sharing some phenomenal music. […]

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Public Space One Sunday Media Dump, Featuring Finn Riggins (VIDEO)

This Sunday Public Space One featured a full lineup of local and national artists, including Sam Knutson (of Shame Train), Hello Shark and Finn Riggins. Unfortunate for the headlining act, Finn Riggins, trouble with the PA left them without any […]

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