Public Space One Sunday Media Dump, Featuring Finn Riggins (VIDEO)

This Sunday Public Space One featured a full lineup of local and national artists, including Sam Knutson (of Shame Train), Hello Shark and Finn Riggins. Unfortunate for the headlining act, Finn Riggins, trouble with the PA left them without any vocals. Luckily, the band’s mostly-instrumental performance was polished enough to stand on its own, and it’s a tribute to the band from Idaho that they put on a full set despite the technical difficulties.

The preceding acts, fortunately, went off without a hitch. Chris Doherty started off the night with a few bluegrass tunes before inviting fiddler Hannah Drollinger on stage to help finish off his set. Iowa City’s Sam Knutson and Boston’s Hello Shark followed for some soft spoken folk songs. That’s quite a lot of music for a free show! Check out the clips below to see what you might have missed.